Statistic 10 - Saturday Lotto

With Statistic 10 - Saturday Lotto you play the Saturday Lotto draws which are held every Saturday at 8:45pm.

This is a mathematical system with 10 numbers. If the 6 winning numbers are among your 10 numbers, there is a 1st prize guarantee.

The 10 numbers is a mix of 5 numbers which are the most drawn numbers since 1981 and 5 random numbers.

The club is made up of 25 members, and it costs $5.50 per week to participate.

Oz Lotto Service automatically checks your ticket for winnings, and they will be deposited directly into your account.


  • The system is based on more than 38 years of statistics.
  • You can pick your own lucky numbers.
  • You never forget to buy a ticket.
  • We automatically check your ticket for winnings.
  • Winnings are deposited directly into your bank account.